Finding A Suitable Scholarship For Research In The US

For students aspiring to get their educational degree from one of the top and world famous college or university; The United States is the place where they get their dream fulfilled. While the dream is common to students from all around the world; not all get to reach this dream despite having an outstanding IQ level. This is because of the financial constraints that create a hindrance to their path of success. A country with price value too high than any other countries of the world; course fees charged by any American college standout of the budget of the general public. But then what shall these genius brains yet poor financing do? Stop dreaming of reaching greater heights of success? The US government says “NO.”

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Some Ph.D. Scholarship Programs For Both National And International Students To Study In The US

From Graduation, Master’s degree in Ph.D.; The United States government offers various scholarship schemes so as to help these genius brains to enjoy a bright future getting their education done from a worldwide acknowledged university. But how shall you find out these scholarship schemes and approach for availing them is what keeps you worried while most people due to inadequate knowledge miss their turn to apply for the scholarship. To ease your task of finding out the best scholarship schemes; you are some that will assist in funding your finances for Ph.D. courses:

  • D. Position In Molecular Biology And Biotechnology, Poland

The scholarship scheme invites Applications to The Mickiewicz University, Poland for filling up the Ph.D. position in the Faculty of the Department of Biology. This Ph.D. program will be concerning research on several topic much related to human genetics and its development, diseases affecting human and their remedies and molecular biology related to plants. Both national and international students can apply for this scholarship.

  • Scholarship For Ph.D. In Computational Catalytic Chemistry At UK’s Cardiff University

Cardiff University; the United Kingdom invites application for scholarship in for doing Ph.D. Program on Computational Catalytic Chemistry. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship scheme as the University aims at providing the scope of receiving higher education to people all around the world.

  • University Of Copenhagen; Scholarship Scheme For D. In Cardiac Arrhythmia, Denmark

The university of Copenhagen is inviting application from International as well as Danish students for a 3 year Ph.D. cum Research program at the subsection of Circulatory and Heart research, Department of Biomedical Sciences. This research program will be starting from 1st August 2016.

  • Scholarship Program For Ph.D. In Geography At The University Of Swansea; UK-Funded By Royal Society


Applications are invited for Royal Society funded Scholarship Ph.D. program in Geography at the renowned Swansea University, The United Kingdom. International students, as well as students from UK and EU, are eligible to apply for this program. Along with this; you can also look for scholarship schemes in other subjects offered by the university with the aim to motivate and attract students for better learning.

Final Say

This is not the end. You can move ahead looking for other scholarship schemes funding Ph.D. –Research programs related to your field of study In The United States. Not only do these schemes help you make your dream turn true but also helped in widening your area of knowledge.

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